Our Services

At Beautiful Signs Midwifery we offer a variety of maternity care options, including home birth services, prenatal and postpartum support, and comprehensive well-woman education.

Home Birth Services

We provide complete and supportive care for your home birth experience, including all prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Contact us to schedule a consultation (fee $35).

  • Compassionate and holistic care throughout your entire pregnancy, birth, and up to six weeks postpartum.
  • Hour-long personalized prenatal and postpartum appointments. 
  • Prenatal Care: Assessment of vital signs and monitoring of baby’s growth. Preparation for the arrival of your baby, and prenatal education tailored to your needs.

    every month until 28 weeks
    every 2 weeks until 36 weeks
    every week until the birth.

  • Birth Care: 24/7 on call care from 37 until 42 weeks. Birth check- in for early labor. Midwife attends throughout active labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period. A second midwife assistant. 

  • Postpartum Care: Holistic care immediate postpartum period, complete newborn examinations, emergency skills if necessary, lactation support, newborn care recommendations, birth registry documentation, 6 weeks of continuous postpartum phone support, with at least 3 home visits in the first week after birth. 

  • Midwife consultations for any questions or concerns that may arise.

    Full home birth package $7000

– Includes prenatal care, the birth, and postpartum care.
– Home birth fee does not include your birth kit, lab work or ultrasounds, or a birth tub rental for water birth.
– An initial $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to register for care.


   Hybrid birth package $6000

– Includes prenatal care and postpartum care for hospital birth families.
– Fee does not include your lab work or ultrasounds, or a birth tub.
– An initial $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to register for care.


*Service area: East Bay, South Bay & North Bay. Counties Alameda, Marin and northern part of Santa Clara County. Long distance fees applied.

Info on cost and insurance coverage  

In the U.S., the cost for home birth services ranges widely depending on where in the country you live.  Depending on your insurance provider and plan, all, part, or none of the fee may be covered and reimbursed.  Some insurances do cover home birth, such as PPO’s. However, some insurances do not cover home birth such as HMO’s, Kaiser, and Medicaid (in some states). To learn more about PPO’s visit https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/health-plans/ppo.

It is important to contact your insurance provider to get clear indication of their coverage options.  The billing services we can provide will work with families to support your process and help you get appropriate reimbursement. 

It is recommended that you go through the process of verifying your potential insurance benefit coverage. You can do that with Cohosh Billing for $40 CLICK HERE to apply.


Halima was a wonderful midwife to work with; she was comforting and knowledgeable and contributed to our first birthing experience being better than we could have ever imagined.

Nusaibah and Johnny

Postpartum Birth Justice


We advocate for postpartum justice for black mothers and families by being Nourish Ambassadors and Frontline Doula. Frontline Doulas is a perinatal health program providing black families with black doulas. We as a community need to face the urgent advocacy needs and understand the realities of the disparities. Five things to know about the status of Black women’s health. 

1) Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die during childbirth or suffer from pregnancy-related complications than white women.

2) Black women are over-represented in service sector jobs (including frontline healthcare workers) most exposed to COVID-19 infections. 

3) Black women are more likely to die from heart disease and breast disease and breast cancer than any other group of women or men in the US.

4) Only 87% of Black women have access to health insurance, in comparison to 91% of the total population.

5) Black women experience “weathering” i.e. their bodies age faster than white women’s due to chronic stress linked to social determinants of health. 

Black Birthing Justice Advocacy groups:





What is a “doula”?  

Doulas provide emotional, physical, and educational support to mothers during labor and childbirth. Their purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.  Also described as a non-medical labor support companion, doulas wonderfully complement, but do not replace, the critical roles of husband/partners and midwives.

Maternal Wellness Support

Our maternal wellness team is dedicated to improving the lives of women by providing various healing modalities and education. We offer a range of complementary-care services to emotionally and physically support women and families during their reproductive journey — no matter what unexpected outcomes occur.

Clinical Consultations for hospital birth clients – $35 (per 45 minutes).

We offer phone or in person consultations for a life-time of midwifery care on reproductive health. Suggested list of consult topics:

Prenatal Nutrition, gestational diabetes, lactation support, Vaginal Births after a Cesarean (VBAC), lactation support, hospital induction preparation, maintaining vaginal health, discussion on OBGYN diagnosis or treatment plan. Many other topics…

Circle of Life Specialized care offerings for individuals and couples include: (contact for registration)

  • Childbirth education classes ($360 /3 day intensive with Nethal Abdul-Mumin)
  • Lactation counseling ($75 per /virtual session)
  • Cupping/hijama therapy 
  • Writing an Islamic Birth Plan
  • Birth Doula Services

We are committed to each family’s material, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and wishes during their birth passage.

Why “Beautiful Signs?”

Women need more than ever to look after their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. In this day and age, we are more than ever disconnected from nature, mindfulness and self-care. We are inundated with many distractions, taking care of family members, social media, and the entertainment industry. Overall wellness (Afiyah in Arabic) is used to be at the center of indigenous societies with many healers, eating from local farms, time-honored traditions in every stage of life. At Beautiful Signs midwifery, we want to bring back these holistic traditions of well-woman care with our healers, grandmothers and intentional communities who listen and look for the beauty in everything.